1. How can I sign up for DealSale APP?
You can sign up for DealSale app using your email, Facebook profile or Twitter account by visiting the site or downloading the DealSale mobile app. Sign up with your preferred social network to personalize your experience and allow us to better recommend interesting products to you. 
We never sell or misuse your information, and we will not share any of your information with third parties, except when complying with certain legal requirements such as those outlined in our Privacy Policy.

2.How Do I Add To Shopping Cart?
It is as easy as a few clicks! While browsing, if you like what you see and want to add it to shopping cart, simply click the Add to Cart button.

3.Where To View My Shopping Cart?
There is a direct button view shopping cart leading you to view your shopping cart after adding items to your shopping cart. You can click the Shopping cart button next to login button on the top of page Login to your member account and view My Shopping cart where you will see everything your fashionable heart desires, of course, you must login first!

4.Why I Can’t Register? It Said My User Name Is Illicit.
Please do not leave space between the user name you typed in.

5.Your Clothing Are Pretty And Price Is Fair, How Can I Contact You?
90% of our new customers would place their second orders, it stimulates us to improve our products and services.
We update our styles every day. Your comment, inquiry and problem are welcome here! Email to:

6.How is the quality of your products?
Our product quality is good compared with many our rivals. Around 80% of our products are the same as the photos, other 20% imitate from fashion magazines. 
Our products are suitable for price-competitive, non-high-ended market.
7.How can I know whether your photos are 100% exact with products?
Most of photos of our product are being shot by our own camerist. Only a little part of photos are from magazines, you can easily distinguish them.
8.How often do you add new styles?
Our goal is to bring all the latest fashions and trends to our customers as fast as we can. That’s why our selection is so widely.
9.How is your size, do you carry special sizes?
Our products can be classified into different types: The Asian Size, The American Standard Size etc.
10.Sometimes I found there's not only one pcs in the picture, how can I know which one you are selling?
Just check the title. If there's "two pieces" or "twinset" in the title, then we sell two pieces. Otherwise, we sell only one piece. But for lover shirt, all listing price is for two pieces.
11.Are all your products immediately available?
All styles in our site are available when we upload it. But we sell more than 5000 pcs per day, so part of the styles will be not in ready stock. 
12.Is your merchandise used?
No, all our products are fresh new.
13.How long will the out-of-stock items are restocked? 
We are not sure about it, but for Hot-sale styles, we’ll restock as quickly as possible.
14.Do you have your own factory?
We have our own factory, but can't manage to produce more than 8000 styles. So we have long-term cooperative relationship with other factories too.
15.Usually how much weight for each item?
Usually gross weight of summer wear is 0.25~0.3kg per item, and 0.7~0.9kg per piece for jeans; 0.3~0.5kg per item for Spring /Autumn wear; 0.7~1.1kg for winter jacket/coat.

16.What's T/C material?
It’s Mixed material of Cotton and Polyester. Usually it's 35% cotton and 65% Polyester.
17.Is there any easy way to get your photos?
Yes, you can contact us, if your order is large enough,we can offer you our photo for free.
18.Can I change the items in my paid order? 
So as not to delay your order, we cannot delete or change the item, including the color and size in the paid order unless it is out of stock. We beg your understanding.
19.Can I get my cash bonus sent back to my PayPal account? 
No. Any cash bonus offered from any activity can be used to buy any commodity on, but does not accept any applications for refunds and withdrawals.

20.How do I check my order status?
Go to Order History. You'll find details there.For example:
A.If it shows pending, you need to pay within 24 hours, or it will be cancel.
B.If it shows processing, we will send it as soon as possible within 1-2 days.

21.What’s the Flashgo?
It is a special offer area. The products on Flashgo will provide a big discount.
Flashgo item’s price will be up to 99% off.

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About Order

1.Do you have any minimum order?
No minimum order at present.

2.How can I place an order?
You may see the purchase guidelines details.
A. Choose the items what you like
B. Check out.

3.How can I change my order?
If you have already submitted the order, just contact us to change it. Our customer service will do it for you.

4.If I have submitted my orders, can I still add items to it? How can I change my payment method?
Contact our customer service to add for you or change payment method. Or, you can place a new order and then combine it with your previous order.

5.What will happen if there are out-of-stock items in my order after payment? 
Usually there are 5% items out of stock. We'll contact you for the out-of-stock items in 1-2 days since payment received, and you can make replacement, or just ask us to send out the ready items. We'll recalculate the item prices and shipping fee. All excess payment would be credited to your balance account for later use. If you want, we can also refund to your Paypal account.

6.Can I confirm stock status with you before payment?
Yes, you can contact us before payment, we’ll check and inform you which items are out of stock. But as you know, our stock status is changing every hour, so we can’t promise that the items will be still in stock when we prepare your order.

7.What should I do when fail to place order?
A. Use other browsers. There’re many browsers you can use, such as IE, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
B. If it still doesn’t work, you can copy the goods list including item number, size and color; send us by email together with your username on our site, and also your full shipping address. We’ll place the order for you and then let you know.

8.How do I track my package?
All available tracking information has been provided above and in your “My Orders”. If you ordered multiple items, you may receive separate shipments according to the stock with no additional shipping charges.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may be eligible to return your item(s) by contacting Customer Service within 7 days of receiving your package. For more information, visit our Return Policy.